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This archive contains South African graffiti and street art videos. (Last updated: 2014)

RVCA Doodle Bus

Artists and musicians traveled from Cape Town to Jeffreys Bay for the launch of a new RVCA store…


Final video:

Freddy Sam at Open Walls Baltimore 2012

Open Walls Baltimore was curated by Gaia and featured artists from around the world including Interesni Kazki, Maya Hayuk, Swoon, Specter, Doodles, Jaz, Ever, Freddy Sam, Mata Ruda, Nanook, MOMO, Vhils, Sten and Lex, Chris Stain, Jetsonorama, Overunder and others.

Below is a pic of the mural painted at the festival by South Africa’s Freddy Sam:

Check out more of his pics HERE.

Freddy Sam

I Art Woodstock

Made by Rowan Pybus (Makhulu Films)

- 35-ten-73
- Alexia Webster & Mikey Saal
- Black Koki
- BoaMistura
- Dathini Mzanyiya
- Freddy Sam
- Fuzzy Slipperz
- Jeremy Puren
- Jonx Pillemer
- Linsey Levendall of Bison
- Paul Senyol
- Tika
- Xanele

>> Read more about the project HERE

WOA Rejuvenation Project

Word Of Art Rejuvenation Project: Percy Bartley House