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This archive contains South African graffiti and street art videos. (Last updated: 2014)

Faith47 in Montreal

Boda: Transkei

Pastel Heart - FY-IAM

Ryza: Intricate Artist

Nuria Mora in Johannesburg

A Vacant Passage Exhibition Promo

feat. Paul Senyol and Andrzej Urbanski…

Falko: XO Africa Commission

Vega Painting Educare

Graffiti in Cape Town 1998 feat. Subizm

Graffiti in the 90’s exploded BIG time in Cape Town. GRIM and SUBIZM, cousins from the Cape Flats, show the crew from the PASELA TV show how to scout out, plan and execute a graffiti piece.

Butan Fridge Display Cases

Street Art in Cape Town

D-One’s Ikonoklast Panzerism

D-ONE’S IKONOKLAST PANZERISM from drzulu on Vimeo.

In 2010, the infamous RAMMLL:ZΣΣ took one final apprentice within his movement of “GOTHIC FUTURISM.” After months of mechanical & design apprenticeship, he was awarded title of “D-ONE”, authorized to race tank style letters & given the duty of “IKONOKLAST PANZERIST”. This legacy continues through D-One aka “DR.ZVLV& the other soldiers in the “TAG MASTER KILLERS” army of assassins… ”

“Evolutionary, symbolic & functional with building blocks armed to destroy. These letter forms are not a toy.”


Discount Evolution by DALeast


DALeast - Discount Evolution (full version) from Jeff Coles Smith on Vimeo.


DALeast - Discount Evolution (short version) from Jeff Coles Smith on Vimeo.

Painted at WALLTHERAPY 2012, the followup to Rochester, New York’s 2011 VISUAL INTERVENTION.

Watch the trailer below:

Wall\Therapy 2012 Trailer from Ian Wilson on Vimeo.

Chappies Street Art

1/6 - Woodstock Station:

2/6 - Khayelitsha:

3/6 - Cape Town Station:

4/6 - Parkhurst:

5/6 - Maboneng:

6/6 - Greenside:

Thank you:

Talking Graffiti with Ivan Miller

I met up with Castle during my 5 month study in Wellington, New Zealand. Coming from South Africa, Ivan has an interesting background that forms his perspectives and pieces to be unlike any I’ve really seen before. There is a great array of graffiti style artwork in the area, and much of it coming from his crew, Pirates. It was great to get to talk and paint with an artist of the area and see how perspectives on art like this change country to country.”

Talking Graffiti with Ivan Miller from Charlie Stemen on Vimeo.

Filmed and Edited by Charlie Stemen.

A.DUB in Cape Town

A.DUB from Klaus Warschkow on Vimeo.

South African born A.Dub is a New York based artist. A designer/art-director/illustrator by trade, A.Dub fairly recently started experimenting with stencils and wheat-pasting in central Hong Kong and New York. Now, on a trip to Cape Town South Africa, he had the opportunity to do a series of large scale murals and plans to continue down the path of larger formats.

B Fam - Plank exhibition

_After the success of the B Fam Garage Art Exhibition at the end of 2011, B FAM decided it’s time to do another show. This time they teamed up with Revolution to combine their love for skating and art, in the form of a skate deck exhibition._

B FAM gave 31 of Cape Town’s most loved artists a second hand deck that’s had a tricked out life under the feet of some of CT’s favorite local skaters and told them to revamp it.

Participating Artists:
Shaun Gardner, Justus Kotze, Jason De Villiers, Dani Loureiro, Paul Senyol, Suzy Snakes, Motel 7, Marchand, Ian Jepson, Ben Johnston, Travys Owen, Mike Tymbios, Tyler Murphy, Shit Bag, Alice Edy, Haasbroek, Hanno Van Zyl, Nathan Fourie, Ninjabreadboy, One Horse Town, Ryan Griffiths, Bruce Mackay, Ryan De Carte, Mike Van Der Meer, Jay Gordon, Tuscani Cardoso, Mr Fuzzy Slipperz, Jack Walsh, Rowan Foxcroft and Sharleen Hollick.

Shot by Paul Michael Charles
Edited by Ryan Griffiths

Rap Art Beach Jam - Promo

Spraying Bricks - KREW40HK

Introducing another new strain to the ever growing Spraying Bricks channel, the KREW series. To start this series off is a collective that emerged on the scene in 2008, 40HK. Consisting of Artists INKFETISH, JASIK and POER. There are 14 members of 40HK in total with heads based in Norway, New Zealand, Melbourne, South Africa, London and Kent. 40HK stands for forty hit combo from the classic video game Mortal Kombat Vs DC Universe a statement on their out of this world style.

Spraying Bricks joined the crew as they embarked on their biggest wall to date. Situated on Leonard Street opposite the creative den that in the Book Club and the famous Pure Evil gallery, the guys have a prime spot in the heart of Shoreditch, accompanying artwork from the likes of STIK. The mural is heavily based on the theme of the 70’s and 80’s TV show RAINBOW and with the influence of graffiti fused with characters they have created a truly colourful and amazing piece.

Conversations on Creativity 1.0

Conversations on Creativity 1.0 | Cape Town from Nestlings.TV on Vimeo.

Creative Nestlings hosted their first successful “Conversations On Creativity” on the 29th of December 2012 at Truth Coffee/Prestwich Memorial, Cape Town in partnership with Supremebeing._

The event featured four speakers:

  • Kent Lingeveldt (Photographer/Longboarder, Award Winning Entrepreneur, Alpha Longboards Owner)

  • Thoki Tafeni (Fashion Designer/Stylist)

  • Rizqah Dollie (Photographer, Lecturer, Designer)

  • Loyiso Mkize (Painter, Illustrator)

They shared their life stories, works and how the environment influences their work & how they in turn influence society.


Chapter Two: Friends

/A Word Of Art was selected to present an exhibition of young artists that /AWOA has been working with over the years and who have now all become good friends. The show consists of five original paintings together with a video installation of the making of the works. These traveled to Switzerland on the 13th of June 2010 for the Focus10 Contemporary African Art exhibition as part of the prestigious Art Basel.

Video Installation
Directed by: Misha Teasdale (Makhulu Productions)
Concept: Ricky Lee Gordon(Freddy Sam)
Edited by: Misha Teasdale
Filmed by: Misha Teasdale and Katharina Brinkmann
Original Music by: Lagos Disco Machine

- Love & Hate (Black Koki & 351073)
- Bison
- Freddy Sam
- Paul Senyol
- Lenny

We art change: Mak1one at TEDxCapeTown City 2.0

Mak1one, who is born and raised in Cape Town, has been doing graffiti art since early 1989. He is experienced in 3D chalking, 3D wall installations and painting with light. He has worked for many clients including, City of Cape Town, Fifa, Adidas, H-Factor, Red Bull and a local Boutique Art Hotel to name but a few.

Faith 47 - Living Apart Entwined

Living Apart Entwined is painted on the corner of Williams and Sussex St, Woodstock, an area in Cape Town that has been witness to recent gentrification projects. It speaks of the relationship between our seperate identities and our deep commonalities.

Living Apart . Entwined from FAITH47 on Vimeo.

Directed and shot by Makhulu in 2012
Artwork by Faith47
Music by Gary Morris
Animation by Inka Kendzia

Everything Must Go exhibition

Created and filmed for the /A Word Of Art exhibition “Everything Must Go” by Indigo & David Schillinglaw in Cape Town 2011.

Everything must GO! from noël labridy on Vimeo.

Music: Mr Sakitumi “This That”
Artworks: David Shillinglaw & Indigo
Stop Motion: Inka Kendzia, Noël Labridy, Adam Kent Wiest
VJ: “PoNyPanDa” (Inka & Noël)

Broadcasts Exhibition

Some video footage shot by Duane Smith from the exhibition in 2011…

Featuring a gigantic painting collaboration between Wesley van Eeden, Christian Mugnai and Paul Senyol.

Broadcasts 2011 from Wesley van Eeden on Vimeo.

Faith47 - Rhapsody

RHAPSODY - ROCHESTER, NYC - 2012 from FAITH47 on Vimeo.

Rhapsody’ was completed for the Wall Therapy mural project based in Rochester, NY in 2012.
Cinematography - Evan Schap and Eamonn McBride
Editing - Evan Schapp
Music - Fever Ray

Jaz - Not Eating

Not Eating (2) by JAZ from Klaus Warschkow on Vimeo.

A stop-frame animation of Franco ‘Jaz’ Fasoli (Argentina) painting in Cape Town.

Photos by Klaus Warschkow

From Cape Town With Love [Re-post]

We’re reposting this since we found a copy on Vimeo…
Below are 3 excerpts from the film:

A short film documenting the Cape Town street art scene including various artists, government officials and art historians view’s and opinions on the validity and influence of street art on local culture.


From Cape Town With Love [Excerpt one] from Carol Howell on Vimeo.


From Cape Town With Love [Excerpt two] from Carol Howell on Vimeo.


From Cape Town With Love [Excerpt three] from Carol Howell on Vimeo.

Side Street Studios - Something New

Something New” exhibition opening at Side Street Studios.

Featuring artists Rooiwolf, Black Koki, Ello, Bruce Mackay, Justin Southey, Paul Senyol and Mymo (Germany).

Side Street Studios - Something New from Miguel Lomott on Vimeo.

Video: Katharina Brinkmann & Miguel Lomott
Music: “Neighborhood Noise” by The Decibel Collective

Vast, a collaboration

Searle Street Post presents Vast.
A collaboration with Paul Senyol, Justin Southey & Bruce Mackay…

6 years of Shelflife Store

Shelflife Store - South Africa’s premier sneaker, street wear and graffiti supply store - recently had it’s 6th anniversary and hosted a rooftop party, but not everyone could join in on the celebrations. So, here is a video compilation of the highlights over the past six years…


Senyol VS Lewis exhibition 2005

Anyone remember this street art ‘battle’ from a few years back?

Miss Yucki

Painted in 3 hours - Johannesburg, c. 2007

Halloween Mural Animation

Marmite’s “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark” Halloween Mural Animation

Cashril+ Comic Creator

Cashril+ is only 14 years old and is already establishing himself as a talented artist. Turns out when you grow up with graffiti artist Faith47 as a mom and renowned tattoo artist Tyler Murphy as a dad, some of the creativity is bound to rub off on you.

Check out his work on

For the complete article click HERE.

Okuda: 3 Days to Nowhere - Spraying the City of Gold

In three days, Spanish graffiti artist Okuda made his contribution to the City of Gold Urban Art Festival. He transformed not only the walls in front of him, but the space around him and brought smiles to local faces. JHBlive TV followed Okuda on his mission through the city to enhance our space.

Graffiti in the background

Some soccer tricks filmed in front of Cape Town street art:

Artwork by Black Koki, Ello and Freddy Sam.

Recent works by Gasak

Faith 47 - Fragments of a Burnt History

A short video of Faith 47’s ‘Fragments of a Burnt History’ exhibition. Starting in a forgotten and dusty letterpress studio and moving through the installation of the works it gives the viewer a deeper understanding of the body of work. ‘Fragments of a Burnt History’ is was shown at the David Krut Gallery in Johannesburg from November 2012 - February 2013.

Faith47-Fragments of a Burnt History from FAITH47 on Vimeo.

Filmed and Produced by Rowan Pybus
Music: ‘Nguwe’ by Mthwakazi