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This archive contains South African graffiti and street art videos. (Last updated: 2014)

Street Smack SA

Overhead Sketch Battles

Street art promo for Toffie Fest 2010

Painted for the Toffie Pop Culture Festival which took place on 26-29 March 2010

Johannesburg Graffiti 2008

Mak1one Spider

Promotional video for Mak1one’s 2007 exhibition ‘Keisumo’
Animation by Ari Kruger


From Cape Town With Love

A mini-documentary about the street artists in Cape Town…

From Cape Town With Love reveals the world and nature of the street artist. In the inner city, where grey buildings form part of a bland landscape, a community of graffiti writers and street artists rebels not only against the law and conventions but against dull public spaces and apathy.’


Truk in Cape Town

Mafuta Ink @ Infecting The City

Mafuta Ink art collective’s first installation piece as part of this years Infecting The City festival in Cape Town.

Vandal Lie Izm Exhibition

The Vandal Lie Izm graffiti art exhibition took place at The Drill Hall, Johannesburg on 24 February 2011.