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This archive contains South African graffiti and street art videos. (Last updated: 2014)

3D Street Art in South Africa

A promo video featuring 3D street art. This artform is well-known in other countries as it is normally painted on the streets with chalk and many amazing illusions have been created.

Speedo 3D Artist from Shoestring Productions on Vimeo.

Broadcasts Exhibition promo video

Promo video for an exhibition called Broadcasts that was held a few months ago. It featured works by Senyol, Wesley van Eeden, Christian Mugnai, Duane Smith and Pete Reynolds.

Broadcasts from Wesley van Eeden on Vimeo.


overspray from ebrahim hajee on Vimeo.

A very old video, circa late nineties/early 2000s. Featuring TVA, WOTS, and YMB crews… as well as some ‘beef’.

I Art Soweto

>> Watch the “I Art Woodstock” video HERE

Epik x Raze Bokaap 2011

Kome graffiti

Odd Café Mural

The Writings On The Wall


Official video from the Shelflife X Puma Sneaker Launch Party…
Check out the overview of the event HERE

Team Robbo South Africa

A Cape Town train ride

Some trackside graffiti in Cape Town…

Live Graffiti Painting

Live painting by Herman Potgieter and friend.

Everything Must Go exhibition

An exhibition held in April 2011 at /A Word Of Art in Cape Town featuring works by the artists in residence, David Shillinglaw (UK) and IndiGo (Canada).

Street Smack SA

Overhead Sketch Battles

Street art promo for Toffie Fest 2010

Painted for the Toffie Pop Culture Festival which took place on 26-29 March 2010

Johannesburg Graffiti 2008

Mak1one Spider

Promotional video for Mak1one’s 2007 exhibition ‘Keisumo’
Animation by Ari Kruger


From Cape Town With Love

A mini-documentary about the street artists in Cape Town…

From Cape Town With Love reveals the world and nature of the street artist. In the inner city, where grey buildings form part of a bland landscape, a community of graffiti writers and street artists rebels not only against the law and conventions but against dull public spaces and apathy.’


Truk in Cape Town

Mafuta Ink @ Infecting The City

Mafuta Ink art collective’s first installation piece as part of this years Infecting The City festival in Cape Town.

Vandal Lie Izm Exhibition

The Vandal Lie Izm graffiti art exhibition took place at The Drill Hall, Johannesburg on 24 February 2011.

Freddy Sam

I Art Woodstock

Made by Rowan Pybus (Makhulu Films)

- 35-ten-73
- Alexia Webster & Mikey Saal
- Black Koki
- BoaMistura
- Dathini Mzanyiya
- Freddy Sam
- Fuzzy Slipperz
- Jeremy Puren
- Jonx Pillemer
- Linsey Levendall of Bison
- Paul Senyol
- Tika
- Xanele

>> Read more about the project HERE

WOA Rejuvenation Project

Word Of Art Rejuvenation Project: Percy Bartley House

Gauteng Trains

Handstyles: Falko & Rasty

Falko handstyles:

Rasty handstyles:

…gotta love YouTube!

Faith47 by Fly on the Wall

Bryan Little of Fly on the Wall directs three segments as a contribution to Laura Gamse’s ‘The Creators’ featuring Faith47 during the making of her Freedom Charter series. Also featuring Keya Murphy.

Music: ‘soundtracks for salvation’ by Jacob Israel

1 of 3 - There shall be work and security

Faith 47 - There shall be work and security (1 of 3) from Fly on the Wall on Vimeo.

2 of 3 - All shall be equal before the law

Faith 47 - All shall be equal before the law (2 of 3) from Fly on the Wall on Vimeo.

3 of 3 - The people shall share in the country’s wealth

Faith 47 - The people shall share in the country’s wealth (3 of 3) from Fly on the Wall on Vimeo.

For more on ‘The Creators’, check out:

Circular Painting

Made by Fly on the Wall for Discovery Channel.
Surround sound for broadcast by Sound and Motion.

Artists involved:

  • Bryan Devlin
  • Luis Tolosana
  • Warren Lewis
  • Ree Treweek
  • Daniel Ting Chong
  • Mike Morocco
  • Toyah Moon Humphreys
  • Paul Ressel
  • Josh Ginsburg

Making of:

Back To The City 2009

Graffiti Tutorial by Falko

Rasty & MSE Graffiti Art in South Africa

RASTY AND MSE / Graffiti art in South Africa - wideo
TRACE takes you to South Africa to explore the universe of graffiti, its challenges and issues. Does it still have a social role in South Africa? What is its status? A response with main representatives of the genre Rasty and crew MSE, local stars known all around Johannesburg!

Cape Town Street Art

Cape Town Graffiti

Cape Town Train Surfing

Jest, Coe, Nocs wholecars

Dutch Ink on Carte Blanche

Durban reverse graffiti artists Dutch Ink featured on local current affairs programme Carte Blanche.



Red Bull StreetStyle

NK TNB – Cape Town

Faith47 - In township

Paint Days pt. 3

Paint Days pt. 2

Paint Days pt. 1


Bomb It – Cape Town

Urban Sessions trailer

Graffiti for Breakfast

Falko – Splitpiece 1

Faith47 - Epitaph

2kil - Tag TV

Write 4 Gold 2006

TV Commercial:

Rebel TV at Write 4 Gold Finals in Germany:

Rasty paints in studio


Blowing Up B-Girls: VC2

Faith47 – A Question?