>> Wide Open Walls project 2010

featuring Broken Crow, Eelus, Logan Hicks, Xenz, Lucy McLauchlan, Mysterious Al and other artists.

>> Wide Open Walls project 2011

featuring ROA, Know Hope, TIKA, Best Ever, Remed and other artists.

>> Project DK “R”

A street art/wheatpaste project in Dakar, Senegal.

>> Djerbahood

A mural project in Tunisia.

>> Festigraff

Annual graffiti art festival in Dakar, Senegal.

>> Jidar Toiles de Rue

Street art festival in Morocco

>> Remp’Arts

Moroccan graffiti and street art event.

>> Jardin Rouge

Art residency near Marakesh, Morocco.

There is little graffiti or street art in other parts of the African continent. This section will document the art form in other African countries and maybe this will spark another revolution.

Africa is by far the continent with the least amount of urban art, but now artists from all over the world are coming to paint here. Not only for art, but to engage in the culture, create awareness of social issues and help teach others through art.

>> Graffiti Africa Gallery

Many renowned artists have painted on the African continent.