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EVENT \\ Open Streets Langa (featuring Micro Galleries)

The next Open Streets day will again bring together skaters, cyclists, walkers, joggers, kids, adults, artists, musicians and others to enjoy a car-free space. Join in the fun on Sunday 29 March to experience some street magic in Langa, Cape Town.

Featuring some unique ‪street art through a collaboration between local artists and Micro Galleries:

Micro Galleries reclaims disused and forgotten spaces and reactivates them as tiny galleries that are free and accessible to the local community. Bringing together international and local artists, it features work that challenges ingrained ideas, blurs the line between street art and fine art, and aims to help change the way we see the world, our environment and our community – even for a micro moment.

Featuring artists from around the world as well as work by and through collaborations with locally-based artists from wherever we hit, Micro Galleries sneaks up on you from lane ways, scraps of forgotten land, ignored walls and unexpected potholes. Wander about, discover new works and don’t be surprised if they’ve disappeared, moved, or been changed by passers by.

Micro Galleries aims to demonstrate that art is for everyone and can have a positive impact on a community; that art does not have to only be presented in galleries and theatres, but can break out of these spaces and ingrain itself into a community; that a community can have ownership and involvement in the creation and appreciation of art work and that art can change how people perceive social issues or their environment in a positive way – even if it simply changes someone’s day for the better; that street art isn’t just graffiti and vandalism but a way to reactivate spaces in a community and change a town into a fun, exciting, curious and wonderful canvas of works.

So, be curious, look twice, crouch down, stand on your tip-toes, squint, get up close, and peep into the cracks and crevices of the streets looking for new ideas, new perspectives and how artists can change the world, and your town… in small and creative ways.

Read more about Micro Galleries HERE.

Micro Galleries is hitting Cape Town in March for a small scale installation and to chat about something bigger, brighter and African in 2016.

Co-curated with Chuck Scalin and Langa artist Thamisanqa, facilitated by VeryHK and supported by Open Streets, we are aiming to build a cross-cultural dialogue between Cape Town and Hong Kong, and showcase this amazing township to the world.

Open Streets is a citizen-driven initiative, working to change how streets are used, perceived and experienced. As part of Open Streets, MG will include Hong Kong artists, local Langa artists and some of our amazing MG international artists, present two symposium-style discussions called Crate Chat where artists from the Langa community will be invited to come and discuss pertinent local issues and how arts and culture can affect change. There will also be two free, guided tours introducing the community to the art works and their intention.

As if that’s not enough insanely cool stuff, with the help of VeryHK we will also connect a Hong Kong-based creative industry creator with a Langa artist in order to work virtually and collaboratively on a new work that displays vision and hope for the future of Langa, to be showcased at Micro Galleries (Cape Town) in 2016.

MICRO GALLERIES Hong Kong 2013 from teschka on Vimeo.