Interviews Idalina Leandro Pifaro

Last year, we linked Nard to a Toronto-based independent film-maker, Idalina Leandro Pifaro, who is currently in the process of shooting a documentary film about woman who write graffiti.

All She Wrote’ is a documentary that tells the story of female graffiti writers presented through the artist’s own voice. With emphasis on the women behind the art, the film uncovers a common passion but unique motivations and experiences. Spanning Europe and the America’s, ‘All She Wrote’ is ultimately a story of powerful, dedicated, and ambitious women, presented through their own eyes and ears.

With the project nearly complete, we asked Idalina about the film and her interest in graffiti art…

What made you want to make a film about girls who do graffiti?

On a personal note, graffiti has always been my favourite kind of art, al
though I can’t place exactly why. Perhaps I was a graffiti writer in 
another life, because I’ve never had the courage or the talent to do 
it in this one. But, I fulfilled my love for graffiti through
 photography, taking photos of spectacular pieces and of spray-painted 
walls all over the world. And it was when I lived in Portugal in 2002 
that I first decided to find out about the women that were creating 
this visceral, urban art. I was so impressed by their passion for
 graffiti and the pieces they created, I wanted to make a documentary 
film that was dedicated to them. A documentary I could relate to as a
 woman, one that looked past the typical male-dominant graffiti scene.

What message do you want to say with your film, if any?

The message I would like to send in my film is if you believe in yourself you can achieve anything you want. All these women have empowered themselves through their art and have achieved great things by standing up for what they believe in.

How much work still needs to be done to complete the film? When do you hope to release it?

About 40% of the film still needs to be done, but I hope to be finished shooting by the end of the year. We will be submitting the film to film festivals for the 2014 season.

Are you working on other projects? And do you think you’ll make another documentary film after ASW?

At the moment “All She Wrote” is the only project that I am working on. Making a documentary takes a lot of your time, and I am also a full time mom, so other projects don’t have room. But yes, I will make other documentaries and films, I have lots of ideas and scripts we can work on.

A crowd funding campaign was recently opened to raise more funds for the film. Make a donation HERE.

All She Wrote Teaser 2 from a film company on Vimeo.

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First published on 29 March 2013.