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OFF/GRID Exhibition Recap - Kofie at David Bloch Gallery, Marrakech

Recap of Augustine Kofie’s new solo exhibition, OFF/GRID, in Morocco.

The works feature his signature geometric style on canvas, as well as decoupage collages on wood panels. He also painted wall murals as seen in the video below.

Augustine Kofie “OFF/GRID” @ David Bloch Gallery - Marrakech from DAVID BLOCH GALLERY on Vimeo.

OFF/GRID pushes this ongoing exploration further, this time in dialogue with its context.

Kofie will be exploring oppositional synthesis by collaborating with craftsmen to produce work that merges established Moroccan artistic traditions with his own brand of American contemporary expression.

The title OFF/GRID therefore also refers to the way this body of work is made off the grid of Kofie’s usual cultural milieu.

Short film by Wackybrothers | Images via David Bloch Gallery

The shows runs until April 26th | contact@davidblochgallery for all inquiries.