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Boa Mistura in Algeria

Multidisciplinary Spanish collective, Boa Mistura, headed across the Mediterranean to paint a collaborative mural in Algiers, Algeria in July 2012.

Invited by the Cervantes Institute of Argel, the mural, entitled “Joy In Argiel”, was a painted with the help of the local community.

Photographs by Boa Mistura

The piece was made in two stages: the first one is collaborative and everybody is welcome to participate. We generate a colour background with messages and drawings by every participant. In the second stage, we partially cover that background with white, framing the coloured background inside the word.”

ALEGRIA en ARGELIA Boa Mistura 2012 from boamistura on Vimeo.

Alegria” translates to “Joy”. This mural forms part of their “Simbiosis (Symbiosis)” series (2005-2014).