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Djerbahood - Part 2

More pictures from the amazing Djerbahood mural project in Tunisia.

Part 1 HERE.

Rodolphe Cintorino (France)

3ZS (Palestine)

Add Fuel (Portugal)

Alexis Diaz (Peurto Rico)

Axel Void (Spain/USA)

Aya Tarek (Egypt)

Az (Saudi Arabia)

B-Toy (Spain)

Brusk (France)

Calma (Brazil)

Cekis (Chile)

Dan23 (France)

David da la Mano (Spain)

Deyaa (Saudi Arabia)

ECB Handrik Beikirch (Germany)

eL Seed (Tunisia)

Elliot Tupac (Peru)

Ethos (Brazil)

Fintan Magee (Australia)

Hyuro (Spain)

Inkman (Tunisia)

INTI (Chile)
w/ Axel Void

Jace (Reunion Island)

Jasm1 (Switzerland)

Jaz (Argentina)

Kan (France)

Katre (France)

Know Hope (USA/Israel)

Kool Koor (USA)

Laguna (Spain)

Logan Hicks (USA)

M-city (Poland)

Maatoug Y (Libya)

Malakkai (Spain)

Mazen (Saudi Arabia)

Monica Canilao (USA)
w/ Swoon

Mosko (France)

Myneandyours (Iraq)

Nadhem & Rim (Tunisia)

Nebay (France)

Nespoon (Poland)

Nilko (France)

w/ Inkman

Nina (France)

Orticanoodles (Italy)

Phlegm (UK)

Rea (France)

ROA (Belgium)

Salma (Tunisia)

Saner (Mexico)

Sean Hart (France)

Sebastian Velasco

Seth (France)
w/ Pum Pum (Argentina)

Shoof (Tunisia)

w/ BomK (France)

ST4 Crew (Tunisia)

Stinkfish (Colombia)

Sunra (France)

Swoon (USA)

w/ Monica Canilao

TM (Tunisia)

Uno (France)

Vajo (Tunisia)

WAIS1 (Russia)

Wisetwo (Kenya)

Wisign (Tunisia)

Wissem El-Abed

Yazan Halawani (Lebanon)

Zepha (France)

w/ Katre

Zied Lasram (Tunisia)

Photos: Aline Deschamps - Galerie Itinerrance

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