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Graffiti in Comores

Video of Comoros graffiti on the island Ngazidja by Socrome:

Socrome Comoros is a passionate graffiti artist currently living in Paris from the group of graffiti artists called “LCN” (Le Chat Noir/The Black Cat). “Socrome” is an anagram of “Comoros”.

Graffiti des Comores from robert cromso on Vimeo.

Following the meeting between the Calcamart Calligraphers Association and Socrome, graffiti has grown rapidly in the Comoros. In particular, they jointly developed the design of lettering with Arabic letters, and using the calligraphic style invented by Calcamart “Hattul Camart”. The Comorian graffiti scene also consists of other writers such as Keal DKC MS Tcharo, Amir, Nourdine, Yav Cheik’N, Papadjo, and Says Lil. The “Comoros United Artists” project met all these artists (with others) in a Comorian collective cultural patriotic movement.”

Stare (Canada) visited the island Mayotte in 2009:

Pics via his blog on MTN World