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Graffiti and street art from other parts of Africa.

Zoo Project in Tunisia


Graffiti of the Libyan Revolution

Photo by: Patrick Baz/AFP/Getty Images

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And read the unfortunate story of graffiti revolutionary, Kais al-Hilali, HERE

Cairo Trains

Train bombing in Cairo, Egypt

Cairo part from Papas Vol. 2 video:

Huslaz whole car:

No Nozzle in North Africa?

JR in Kenya II

Reportage on JR in Kibera, Kenya 2009 by A24media

Iker & Muro in Senegal

Ductos Graff (Iker & Muro) in Dakar

Wide Open Walls 2010

Wide Open Walls, an Art Safari, is a new annual arts project that takes place in The Gambia. Seven artists took part in 2010 where they painted villages such as Kubuneh in the Makasutu Culture Forest over two weeks.

All photo’s by Ian Cox of WallKandy

Read an interview with Eelus, one of the artists and curator of the project, HERE

>> Follow the Wide Open Walls Project here

Check out the video below:

C215 in Morocco

French street artist C215 did his thing in Morocco in 2009.
View his pics from Casablanca HERE and his pics from Fes HERE.

JR in Kenya

French photographer/street artist/activist JR visited the Kibera slum in Nairobi, Kenya as part of his 28 Millimetres project.

This work is also featured in his feature film Women Are Heroes which was released on January 12 2011.

Banksy in Africa

The infamous street artist Banksy was in Africa for a short stint in 2009. The works are thought to be in Mali, though some say he might have visited Cairo.

Jace in Madagascar

Street artist Jace (born in France and now living on Reunion Island) went to Anakao in Madagascar in 2009. He was there for two weeks; living with the people and painting lots of fishing boats.

Morocco Graffiti 04

Tetuan Raps 2008

Morocco Graffiti 03

Graffiti in Tanger

Morocco Graffiti 02

Motor in Morocco

Morocco Graffiti 01

Ston graffiti, Morocco

Senegal Graffiti 02

Diabetes awareness with graffiti, Dakar 2009

Purp in Senegal

Alessandro Cocchia (Purp) in Dakar

Senegal Graffiti 01

Graffiti in Dakar

Essen from Kenya

Essen, graffiti artist - representing Umoja – Kenya

Positive Graffiti Messages in Kenya

Masai Mbili and Solo7 create messages of peace in the ruins of Kibera, Kenya (March 2008)

Kenya Matatus (Taxi Art)