Exhibitions 2014-10 | Freedumb: A Graffiti Exhibition @ Assemblage Studios, Johannesburg

Public Delivery in association with Graffiti South Africa present


1 exhibition, 3 days, 6 continents

An insider view of the underground graffiti culture in Europe.

Featuring photographic work by Phil America and internationally acclaimed graffiti writers Taps & Moses™ and UTAH & ETHER.

Thursday 30 October 6.30pm
Assemblage Studios
41 Gwi Gwi Mrwebi Street
Newtown, Johannesburg

NOTE: Entrance to event is in the alleyway/parking lot, down from Town Hall, next to Carfax and City Varsity.


Limited edition prints for sale.


The exhibition gives viewers a first-hand view of a life outside the rules and limits of both art and society.

The exhibition showcases photographic prints and a video projection, depicting the artist’s relationships with passenger trains and the graffiti that is done on them.

All works in the exhibition are unpublished and shown exclusively for the first time.

The exhibition has shown in Paris (France), Sofia (Bulgaria) and Zürich (Switzerland) and will continue to show in different cities around the globe.

The proceeds of the show will go entirely to support The Grifters who are currently dealing with legal issues.