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This blog features news, pictures and event info to keep you updated with what is happening in the world of South African graffiti and street art.

LINKS \\ New blogs and websites

It’s been a while since we’ve mentioned any new blogs or artist websites. Below are a few worthy ones that you should check out… We’ve also updated our Links page with more!

>> Brain Mush Today

>> Crack Ki11as

>> Ghetto Respect

>> Nard Star

>> Obscure Paintings Klan

>> OWN Crew

>> Rail Creepers

>> These Streets Aren’t Made Of Gold

Be sure to share anything interesting that you find on the net - or via social media.

LINKS \\ South African graffiti blogs V

Cape Flats Crew

A blog showcasing the talents of graffiti artists, emcees, skaters, b-boys, musicians, producers and photographers living in the ghettos of the Cape Flats.


The blog of graffiti artist, Love.

Motel Seven

The blog of graffiti artist, Motel Seven.

Obscure Paintings Klan

The blog of OPK crew.


MTN-World Blog of South African graffiti artist, Sure.

LINKS \\ South African graffiti blogs IV

The Loser

The blog of graffiti artist, Lozr.


The blog of artist, Propa.

Baka Beanz

The blog of artist, Baka Beanz

Peace Kidd

The blog of street artist, Peace Kidd 021

Graffiti Research Lab Africa

The South African group of the Graffiti Research Lab, established by The Führer Crew.

Graffiti Research Lab, founded by Evan Roth and James Powderly during their fellowships at the Eyebeam OpenLab, is an art group dedicated to outfitting graffiti writers, artists and protesters with open source technologies for urban communication. The members of the group experiment in a lab and in the field to develop and test a range of experimental technologies. They document those efforts with video documentation and DIY instructions for each project and make it available for everybody.” It is now it is part of the Free Art & Technology Lab.

LINKS \\ South African graffiti blogs III

3rd World Tavern

The grimiest graffiti blog out there…


The blog of ex-Cape Town graffiti artist, Editor, who now resides in New Zealand.


Official blog of the South Africa/England based crew GLOK aka GLOCKERS/GLOCKSTARS.

Master Peace Mag

A little graffiti magazine by the MSE crew.

Pastel Heart

The blog of Durban artist, Pastel Heart.

LINKS \\ South African graffiti blogs II

Dr Zulu

The blog of SA artist, designer and sneaker lover, Dr Zulu. He makes some pretty sweet things from Lego.


The blog of SA artist and designer, Fers.


The blog of Pietermaritzburg graffiti artist, Gasak.

One Eyed King

A Cape Town based brand which creates limited edition apparel by graffiti artists, illustrators and tattoo artists. They have a pretty neat blog too.

Prison Pocket

Not really about graffiti. Just random funny pics and commentary about stuff in South Africa.

LINKS \\ South African graffiti blogs


The blog of UK/SA graffiti crew, Forty Hit Kombo.

Dead Beat

A New Zealand graffiti blog that features the SA Artists that are in NZ.

Die Skurrel

A Cape Town graffiti blog.


The blog of graffiti artist Faith47

Maddy Fresh

The blog of Maddy Fresh


A blog about Cape Town culture that features graffiti.