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2017 Round-up: January to July

New Graffiti SA banner by Onlock

Almost two thirds of our way through calendar year 2017, here are some updates from the streets to the screens -

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Mr Ekse’s ‘JoVendorsBurg’ mural. Johannesburg, 2017. Photo: Cale Waddacor


Artists 4 Israel

Craig Dershowitz’s A4I Project touched down in Johannesburg and Cape Town in March featuring international artists DourOne, ParizOne and URNEWYORK (2esae & Ski). The artists painted walls around the cities and for charity, while also running a few graffiti workshops at various schools on the benefits of visual art.


URNEWYORK for Good Hope Primary

Workshop in Johannesburg at City Kids School

Respect’ by Mars

DourOne duo in Johannesburg

Pariz One

Pariz One, Cape Town

Once Upon a Town film

Falko’s Once Upon A Town project for 2016 culminates in one killer short film, shot by Deon van Zyl.

Watch the film HERE

Red Bull also brought their Amaphiko Project to Mamelodi in Pretoria, again featuring FalkoOne.

Photo by Mpumelelo Macu

Street HeArt Africa

Caps & Can’s initiative, Street HeArt Africa, has been enabling positive change disadvantaged communities through the use of street art. Read all about it on Red Bull’s Amaphiko page

The recent South Side Styles graffiti jam was held in the south of Johannesburg as part of Street HeArt Africa’s outreach programme. The area has been seeing a lot of colour in recent months.

Star, Snot

Tymz 9ine


Riot 510

Aeks, Naus

MAAK Boards

Marti Lund brings the froth from sea to land with a series of surf boards worth drooling over. Playing on the word ‘maak’ (Afrikaans for ‘make’), Marti has filled the gap between surfing and fine art, commissioning various artists to create one of a kind pieces on surf boards. In partnership with Blake Combrinck of Knext Gallery and surfboard shaper Trevor Minny.

Support the crowdfunding campaign HERE

Langa Heritage Mural Project

The township of Langa in the Western Cape has been commissioning various local artists including Skubalisto, Mr Fuzzy Slippers, Robane and Breeze Yoko.

Mr Fuzzy Slipperz



Breeze also hit up some fresh pieces in the EU again -

Say it Loud’ by Breeze in London

Shelflife Collabs

Local street store, Shelflife, launched their artist collaboration range in celebration of their 10th year. Onlock set the bar with some amazing designs available in T-shirts and Shoulder/Moon bags.

Photos by Ramon Mellett

To the Bone

Johannesburg artist, Sonny, launched his long awaited new project titled ‘To the Bone’. The series involves a selection of limited edition screen prints and wall murals painted around the world in support of animal conservation.

Sonny has completed 5 murals thus far, 3 in North America, and a new piece in the works in the Motherland (Russia). Follow him for more updates.

New York i (Photo: John Domine)

Cambridge Street Art Festival, Canada

Sonny signs his epic mural

New York ii


Away with White Walls

There have been a few interesting events and exhibitions so far this year, including the Blanket Run and Writers Bench in Cape Town, Flight of the Wu exhibition and zine launch in Jo’burg, and the Viva Foundations annual Township Arts Festival in Pretoria. There was also some or other street art fest in the Cape.

Wu and Rare recently hosted a show in downtown Jozi, while Alice Edy brought her caligraffiti skills to the Kalashnikovv Gallery.

Wu and Rare exhibition

Fine artist Alice Edy‘s caligraffiti-esque murals tell a story of digital code in real life.

Portrait by Lauren Bow

Commission for The Tennis Club

Eye See You

Street artist r1 was commissioned by Egg Films to create one of his signature chevron mandala murals for a commercial. He was also invited to participate in the UrbanArt Biennale in Germany.

Foodbabysoul has also been busy in the streets of Newtown, Johannesburg with her yarn bombing skills. #domesticgraffiti

The Newtown statues newly decorated

Intervention by the Nelson Mandela Bridge

More Newtown

A scrap collector’s carry bag gets a make-over

(Photos by the artist)

Ralph Ziman a.k.a Afrika 47 also brought out the crafting kit to create a beaded army wagon; the Casspir -

Stakes is High

There have been a few competitions involving graffiti and street art.

  • The Newtown Junction Mall hosted a graffiti art competition featuring finalists Psalm1, Ryza and Mr Copy.

Mr Copy


Psalm 1 (Winner)

  • Dwars River Valley Street Art Competition (*upcoming)


The rest of Africa

Around Africa, there’s also been a ton of activity - more than there has been in the last 10 years! It seems African graffiti and street art is thriving - from Ism Skism’s mural project in neighbouring Swaziland, all the up to Morocco where the Jardin Rouge artist residency and Jidar Toiles de Rue festival have been more lively than ever with both local and international artists.

Bief37 hit up Gabon, whilst Jaye has been keeping busy in Tunisia and Sparrow in Uganda, now with BobD too. Jace is currently Gouzou’ing up Morocco, which is great to see - hot off the toes of Mr Space Invader. There’s more painters colour blasting in Nigeria and Senegal. Wachata still have things locked down in Tanzania, and Zanzibar is always a great stop over for any spraycation.

It’s looking like Spent and co. are holding the title of Best Angolan Writers (crew) around Luanda, while Take has been busy with the paint he can muster in Zambia. French adventurer Siko is moving around, getting up in no man’s land, as he travels from Cape to Cairo.

Jaye, Tunisia

Jace, Morocco

Invader, Morocco

Sparrow, Uganda

Vars Spent AbiOne, Angola

Take, Zambia

Siko, Zimbabwe

Siko Tapz, Johannesburg

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