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NEWS \\ Fuzzy Slipperz book launch and exhibition

Street artist and illustrator extraordinaire Lisolomzi Pikoli, a.k.a. Mr Fuzzy Slipperz, is set to launch his first monograph made possible by Olafur Eliason’s “Little Sun” grant via the Stevenson Gallery.

The ‘Man Like Mountain: Of Memory and Scar’ book will be launched with an exhibition as well as film screening.

Friday, 25 November 2016
7 - 10pm

Keleketla Library
6 Verwey Street, Troyeville, Johannesburg

Man Like Mountain’ is a hard cover, A4 book of graphic expressions illustrating and exploring our relationship with the modern, natural world and our meta realities. The premise of this book is a personal exploration of the symbiotic and colliding forces which push and pull at each other (like tide and shore) to create a twisted symphony of urban/rural, artificial/natural, energy/spirit, destruction/construction and light/dark.

The mountain serves as a visual metaphor juxtaposed to man kind. A land form of raised earth formed overtime through the earth’s shifting tectonic plates or volcanism which is eventually worn down by the elements of erosion (water, ice, wind and gravity). Throughout its geological lifespan, the mountain provides a reference similar to that of the life-cycle of the human.

We are delivered into the earth taking time to grow, peak and then make our way back into the earth from which we came. Each journey varies according to our climates and conditions that unfold in a complex maze of experience, memory and life. Nature and mankind are thus two present life forms with a similar story to tell. Enduring the test of time through the temperate and harsh seasons, we leave our imprints on each other in the form of memory and scar.

The show will be comprised of prints, original works, installations and a screening of the ‘Man Like Mountain’ art film by Tseliso Monaheng. Selected works and prints will be on sale. The limited edition book is available for R800 and comes with a free signed print.

Live music from Hlasko, LEEU, Micr.Pluto and Kadromatt can also be enjoyed on the night.