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VIDEO \\ Striking Similarities of Graffiti and San Rock Art

In this intriguing episode of CNN’s Inside Africa report, the homogeneous link between modern day graffiti art and San rock paintings are explored —


Rock paintings and etchings drawn thousands of years ago continue to influence contemporary artistic expression. While the medium has changed, present day forms, including graffiti and tattoos, echo impressions of ancient rock art.

Watch in full below:

Part 1:

Rock art and graffiti are more similar than you think: Discover how ancient rock paintings continue to influence contemporary artistic expression on the streets of Johannesburg.

Part 2:

How ancient rock artists mixed paints: In the magical alchemy of rock art, stone scrapings, wild bird eggs and human saliva were some of the ingredients used to create age-old paintings.

Part 3:

How tattoos and graffiti echo ancient rock art: We go on a unique tour of Johannesburg’s thriving street art and evolving tattoo scene, finding out how rock art has influenced us today.