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PICS \\ Westdene Graffiti Project, Part 3

For the third instalment of the Westdene Graffiti Project - a suburban make-over - we recap all the new walls painted in 2016, from January to June.

Photographs by Cale Waddacor


7 Chistester Rd

Mein163, Azek

49 4th Ave

Atomiko (USA), Scabbage (UK)

52a 4th Ave


155 Perth Rd

Falko, Myza420

50 4th Ave

Fury, Mein163, Bias, Tapz, Spent (Angola)

cnr. Dublin Rd & 4th Ave

Mein163, Bias, Bief37

14 4th Ave

Tapz, Mein163, Bias

4th Ave

Tyke, Spent (Angola), Bias, Tapz

cnr. Dublin Rd & 4th Ave

Watch a segment about the project on Afrikaans television show, Kwêla, HERE.
…And browse what happened on the street art tour HERE.


Zesta, Page33

(Melville side)

Page 33 (completed)

Cnr Ayr & Korea

UDC x MHC x Mein163


The project has slowed down, so if you live in the area and have some walls to offer, please do let the project admins know.