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R.I.P. 4givn

4givn paints a rhino mural outside The Winston Pub in Durban, 2015.
Portrait by Righteous Photography.

Tribute piece in Cape Town by Giffy, Phaks, Migo, BobD and co.

Another tragic loss for Durban’s graffiti community with the sudden passing of Delon “4givn” Moody on 8 April 2016. REST IN PEACE!

The young, self-taught artist was the epitome of colour, where both his personality and artwork shone bright. He painted stories across the streets of Durban, with rhinos & birds, and chameleons & tigers. He also paid great respects over the last year by painting the most tribute pieces to another fallen graffiti legend; Pastelheart.

Find a selection of 4givn’s work below.

Pics via his Facebook Page


Giffy, Phaks, Migo, BobD and co.

Cena4, Homze

YehTwo (London)

Paul Wheatley

Rayaan Cassiem (Rayzer)

WosOne, Taik

Jauz (Photo by Durban Street Art)

Medz (Photo by Durban Street Art)

Tymz9 (Photo by Durban Street Art)

Shavaan Isaacs (1st piece)


WosOne, Taik, Yusuf

Funky Cook (Mexico)

Portrait by Righteous Photography.

Portrait by Righteous Photography.