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Q&A \\ Interview with Damn Vandal

This vandal has evolved into one of the most sought after artists in South Africa’s graffiti community, and IS literally killing the streets with pure fire.

Damn Vandal, a Durban-based multi-disciplinary artist, has been painting for over twelve years and has infused his childhood love for comics with illustrative vector designs to create his own unique brand of graffiti art. Bright, bold, colourful and clean, his artworks have earned him many commissions with magazines, offices and brands, as well as the auto mobile customs industry where he has freely painted more than a couple luxury vehicles.

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Shaun Oakley AKA Damn Vandal, 28 years old. I’m an illustrator and graffiti artist. Been painting for 13 years. Have a degree in visual communications. Based in Durban. Sponsored by Posca.

What’s the story behind the name, Damn Vandal?

I was putting up stickers and marker tags and my wife and friends used to say, you “Damn Vandal” and I thought it was a name that could stick. I knew it would cause a bit of controversy among the graffiti artists and getting them talking about it and that’s what I wanted.

Your works feature a diverse colour palette, and strong references to comic-style graphics. How would you define your style and what influences you?

I would say my style is a fusion of vector illustration and graffiti. I try mix the two as much as I can. Everyday I work with vector designs and my own illustrations and thought it was quite fresh to bring it across into my graffiti. I loved comics growing up and not many people were painting that style at the time, so I thought…