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Q&A \\ Interview with r1.

r1. is a fascinating street artist, and one of the most active in South Africa. We have been following his work with a close eye ever since he began to hit the streets locally around 2011/2012. From installations that he calls ‘Ínterventions’, to various ‘Projects’ featuring chevron signs, wooden pallets, compact discs or foil, his artistic skill-set knows no boundaries when it comes to media - he is quite the handy-man!

Recently, we asked him about his ideologies, art history, the local arena and his upcoming projects…

First things first, please tell us about your name, r1.

r1. is a personal abbreviation and has become my street name. Also, in South Africa, if you get something for R1, then you are getting a good deal ;)

Your artist statement is very interesting and is a great introduction to your ideologies. Do you create the work for yourself, for others, or for both?

Both. The streets belong to everyone. What I find fascinating about working in the street is the interaction that takes place between the passer-by and the art piece. As soon as you put a piece up it gets a life of its own and becomes open to interpretation.

To me, it is important to stay true to my craft and maintain personal creative expression. But with this craft…