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2015 Round-up: Out of Africa

A lot has been happening around the African continent that makes us very excited. These “Out of Africa” posts will gather a selection of the best recent pieces and murals that we have not shared on the site before.

Header image: Ceet (FR) & Tilt (FR) at Jardin Rouge in Morocco, 2015.

Hopare (FR) in Morocco, 2015.

Outsiders in Egypt.

eL Seed at the old Star Wars film set in Tunisia.

Bankslave in Kenya.

Eko Primeiro (PRT) in Maputo, Mozambique.

BobD in Sierra Leone, 2015.

Chale Wote Street Festival

Breeze at Chale Wote Street Festival in Accra, Ghana, 2015.

Jack Fox in Madagascar.

Deih on Cape Verde islands, 2015.

Snot & Star in Tanzania with Wachata Crew, 2015.

Swiz in Morocco, 2015.

Tag the Jewels



Tag the Jewels’ is a worldwide street art initiative for the hip hop duo Run The Jewels in which over 40 artists across 6 continents were invited to remix the group’s iconic album cover art - two opposing hands, one forming a gun, the other holding a chain. Later accepting submissions from around the world.

Reso One in Morocco