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Westdene Graffiti Project

The Westdene Graffiti Project is a community mural initiative within the suburb of Westdene, Johannesburg. Spawning from Clint Hill’s idea to art up the suburb, various residents have donated their walls to bidding graffiti artists through the I Love Westdene Facebook group, and with the help of infamous Jozi graffiti photographer, Derek Smith, who lives in the area.

A Facebook group for the Westdene graffiti project was created on the 5th of July and the first wall was painted on the 16th. By mid-September, sixteen walls have been finished with many others in the pipeline.
It is great to see such a positive response to graffiti art.

The images below showcase what has gone up thus far:

Photographs by Cale Waddacor


47 Radnor Str


5 Glasgow Rd


70 3rd Ave (near Monmouth)

Mars (commissioned)

35a Monmouth (near Tenby)


Cnr 2nd and Monmouth


Cnr Stafford and Monmouth

Zesta, Page33, Fury

22 Gloucester

DekorOne, Tower

65 4th Ave

Love, Rekso, Fiya1

8a Stafford Str

Myza420, Rasty

16 Avalanche Str


24 3rd Ave


6a Glasgow Rd

Amp1, Gosip, Snot, Star

22 5th Ave (near Ludlow)

Rype, Flow

31a 1st Ave

Bener1 (Germany), Naus, Soak, DekorOne

21 2nd Ave


Cnr 1st Str and Motor Str

We have a list of all those graffiti writers that are still up for a paint and I’ll do my best to find space” says Derek Smith.

The clear understanding is that the homeowners will have little input of what gets painted on their walls. The projects success is wholly dependent on the creative talent of the writers who are willing to donate cans and their time. If homeowners want a commissioned wall, I’ll put the word out and then it will be a business arrangement between a homeowner and a graffiti writer.”

This spontaneous partnership between Westdene residents and graffiti writers is a uniquely serendipitous affair. I am privileged to be involved in the process.”

>> Join the Westdene Graffiti Project on Facebook HERE.