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Graffiti SA talks at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown

Cale Waddacor, author of Graffiti South Africa (Schiffer, 2014), has been invited to talk at this years THINK!FEST, as part of the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown.

12:00 The Role of Urban Art on the Streets Today
The Blue Theatre, Eden Grove

Cale Waddacor, photographer and graffiti enthusiast, talks about the urban spaces he encountered in researching and producing his book, Graffiti South Africa, and gives us some insight into his thoughts on graffiti, its history, its purpose and its place.

11:00 Graffiti South Africa
Seminar Room 1, Eden Grove

In a visual feast, Cale Waddacor showcases the work of South Africa’s most influential graffiti artists in his photographic montage, Graffiti South Africa. Selective interviews with major graffiti personalities reveal their passions and inspirations and cover all aspects of the movement, creating a true representation of its evolution. From underground tunnels and abandoned buildings to train yards and townships, local writers, each with their own distinct style, spread their work across the nation.

17:30 Redefining Urban Spaces: Debate
The Blue Theatre, Eden Grove

Visual and performance artists, graffiti artists, city planners and urban warriors get together for a scintillating debate on urban public spaces in modern South Africa. Catch Cale Waddacor, Iain ‘Ewok’ Robinson, representatives from Tokolos Stencils and Ism-Skism, performance and visual artists as they discuss the re-purposing of urban public spaces.

Other notable talks:

10:00 Public Spaces by Iain EWOK Robinson
The Blue Theatre, Eden Grove

Iain Robinson, better known as EWOK, is a well-known Durban based hip-hop and spoken word activist, who has effectively used these as well as other art forms to galvanise people on a wide range of issues. He uses aerosol artwork and graffiti-styled murals to draw attention to a range of issues, usually working through recognised civil society organisations, painting around their concerns and actions.

Check out the detailed programmes here:

All talks are 1 hour, panel discussions and debates are 1 hour 30 minutes
Tickets for all events: R30
Books will be available for sale.