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PICS \\ Pastelheart Tribute - Kiss The City

Over a month ago, South Africa’s graffiti and street art scene lost one of its most original, inspiring and creative artists to date - Pastelheart.

In the weeks that followed, many artists, friends and fans dedicated their time and talent creating artworks that preserve the memory of Matthew Pastellides and his signature lips which kissed the walls of many cities.

Here are some fitting tributes, keeping his spirit alive:

Snot, Johannesburg

TOA*, Durban

4givn & WosOne, Durban

4givn, Durban

Hoser, Durban

Phak, Cape Town

QST, Johannesburg

FiyaOne, Johannesburg

Scabbage, Johannesburg

TOA*, Durban

Bias sketch

Bias detail, Johannesburg

Bias, Johannesburg

Mars, Johannesburg

Polizei, Durban

Riot, Johannesburg

Drake, Johannesburg

Drake & Riot, Johannesburg

Riot & Drake, Johannesburg

Stone & Skept, Durban

Hoser & Spook, Durban

Tone, Johannesburg

Tyke, Johannesburg

Stop, Oec and others, Durban

Stop, Oec and others, Durban

Stone, Durban

MKM, Durban

MKM @info4africa, Durban

MKM, Durban

Cam & Claude, Cape Town

Tower, Johannesburg

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Featuring work by:

Mein via @badbunnysp
OptOne via @brainmushtoday
@lizetta and @lon_dan031 in Leake Str Tunnel, London (UK)

An exhibition at Kalashnikovv Gallery was dedicated to Pastel, and more dedications were shown at the Tracksides Urban Art Exhibition at Open Plan Studios:

Shout-outs were placed in exhibited artworks and in the sketch battle —


Damn Vandal (Semi-final sketch)

Damn Vandal (Final round sketch)

Tributes also adorned the pages of multiple sketchbooks thanks to a simple note that read
“Please draw 4 Pastelheart”

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<3 #RIPpastelheart #PastelheartForever <3