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NEWS \\ Bias creates interactive walk with VoiceMap app

Graffiti artist, Bias, has collaborated with a Cape Town-based company called VoiceMap. Together they have created an app —

Newtown Graffiti and Heritage Walk”

VoiceMap is a platform that features guided walking tours from cities across the world on your smartphone. Bias’ tour is the first of its kind in Johannesburg and takes you on a route through the vibrant Newtown precinct, exploring both the graffiti & street art of the area and its rich history. As you walk, the GPS will trigger and direct you, with voice-clips providing information and an overall interactive experience.

Graffiti is very transient, and ever-changing. I’ve made every effort to keep an eye on the area and keep the tour up-to-date. There’s always a chance that the work I’m talking about has been changed or removed, but the story itself is still relevant.” - Bias

The route begins at the Sci-Bono Discovery Centre on Miriam Makeba Street and weaves through many places of interest and graffiti hot-spots, including the infamous graffiti hall of fame under the M1 highway.

Purchase now in the app store for only R25.

Follow Bias on Instagram @intotheabis and check out more inner city tours by him with Past Experiences.


VoiceMap is a way of telling stories about places. It is a new medium, and while all the complicated technology that lives in your smartphone makes it possible, VoiceMap is also quite simple: it connects a voice to a location to create an experience that is uniquely immersive and intimate.

VoiceMap uses your iPhone’s GPS receiver to tell stories on the move. Just open up our app and start walking. You’ll hear the voice of a storyteller, and a personal perspective that connects you to your surroundings, not the screen.

You could use VoiceMap to engage with a city’s artwork, architecture, and historical undercurrents. But because you could also trace a fictional murder mystery through back-alleys, we don’t call our stories walking tours – instead, we call them routes.

You can use the app to discover nearby routes, or find a storyteller whose perspective speaks to you. While some routes are free, most cost 99 cents [US$] or slightly more. The price is set by the storyteller, and roughly half of what you pay goes to the clued-up locals and intrepid travelers that make VoiceMap’s stories compelling.

VoiceMap’s app also has effortlessly interactive maps, and it’s easy to stay on track. But we don’t want you to like the app for its functionality alone: we want you to fall in love with our storytellers, and the way they enlarge your world.