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AFRICA \\ Djerbahood, mural project in Tunisia

The Djerbahood project is described as a “true open-air museum” as 150 street artists from 30 nationalities descend upon a single village island - Djerba, Erriadh - in Tunisia.

Below is a selection of some of the amazing pieces painted thus far. You can view all the murals HERE or via the Djerbahood Facebook page.

Photos: Aline Deschamps - Galerie Itinerrance

ROA (Belgium)

C215 (France)

Herbert Baglione (Brazil)

Faith47 (South Africa)

Know Hope (Israel)

Curiot (Mexico)

eL Seed (Tunisia)

BomK (France)

Pantonio (Portugal)

Evoca1 (Dominican Republic)

Malakkai (Spain)

Dome (Germany)

Amose (France)

Dan23 (France)

Seth (France)

Twoone (Japan)

Stew (France)

Arraiano (portugal)

Belem (Portugal)

Dabro (Tunisia)

Shoof (Tunisia)

Tinho (Brazil)

Saner (Mexico)

Liliwenn (France)