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VIDEO \\ Faith 47 & DAL East in Australia

Faith 47 and DAL East have been traveling the world and exhibiting their art in both galleries and public spaces. Recently, they have visited Denmark, Australia and Israel…

Watch the video above which documents their ‘Antenna Garden’ show at the Rtist Gallery in Melbourne.

Also, check out images of the exhibition HERE and be sure to follow Faith’s voyage (blog) and DAL’s voyage (blog) too.

NEWS \\ The Spear: Talk of the Town

New PCP piece after the saga: (Photo: Derek Smith)

AFRICA \\ Pixel Monster / Giggly Cook Videos

A couple videos of Pixel Monster aka Giggly Cook painting in Namibia…

Luderitz, June 2011

And getting the local kids involved:

Luderitz, February 2012

EVENT \\ Tabalaza Art Fair 3

Tabalaza Art Fair happens once a month and this will be the 3rd installment…

Art Exhibition | Live Painting | Music
31 May 2012
The Mills, 66 Carr Street, Newtown


VIDEO \\ Westside Walls, graffiti in Johannesburg

Westside Walls documents various graffiti art in and around the western suburbs of Westbury and Westdene in Johannesburg. It captures some of the surrounding atmosphere and features a vast array of artists.

Featuring works by Rasty, Curio, Myza, Skeza, Ryza, Lunar, NME Crew, Naid, Monk, Easl, Agen, Bias, Zesta, Mbi, Nje, Tyke, Tapz, Fiya, Mars, Skilz, Days, Tower, Trips, Hac One, Gogga, Beva, Kerz, Angel, Mafuta Ink, Dal East, Rekzo, Vesa, Disk, Pase, Wise, Erar, Zoo, Nard, Fers, Fury, Jestr.

AFRICA \\ Bomb The World

The video is a pitch for an upcoming graffiti film called Bomb The World. It features Aroe, a notorious train bomber, and the main concept is to take him to various slums all over the world to paint.

Check out some coverage of Rwanda around 2:42…

This project looks really cool and we look forward to seeing it being produced.

PICS \\ Once Upon A Town: First Look

As mentioned in a previous post, Once Upon A Town is the new “splitpiece” graffiti project by Cape Town’s Falko One. This time he brought Rasty along and the two have aimed to paint 40 murals in ten days to create ten splitpieces!

Although it has been raining quite a bit in the town of Pella in the Western Cape, the two should be finished off very soon. We can’t wait to see the completed splitpieces because the murals are looking hella tight on their own…

Images via

Check out a time lapse from Day 1:

View more pics from the project HERE and HERE.