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EVENT \\ Langa Quarter Street Art & Graffiti Contest

Creative Nestlings invites you to partake in the inaugural annual public art competition, using the power of public art to add life to nondescript parts of the city. They are looking for the best artists to assist in the transformation of the Langa Quarter located in the geographic centre of Cape Town.

The artists will all be required to paint a section of the wall outside Langa Stadium, and the best artwork will be awarded a grand prize. Only 17 artists will be chosen by the curatorial panel - the whole wall will be divided into 17 pieces. Artists are free to apply as a collective or as an individual.

All participants will be given a 2m X 8m sized panel of wall to paint on, limited amount of spray paint, 3 days to finish the artwork.

The process:

  • Painting to take place weekends of 14- 16 or 20-23 December (however alternative dates can be negotiated)
  • All paintings done before the 24th December
  • Final Judging takes place and winner announced on the 24th December
  • Curatorial panel includes Creative Nestlings, Langa Quarter, Langa Stadium Forum members and representatives of Langa residents.
  • Final judging will be open to public vote, in the form of a ballot box at the stadium.
  • Prize R6000 in cash money + permission to paint another wall in Langa + 1 commissioned wall in Cape Town CBD.

To enter:

  • Submit a proposed sketch to:
  • Chosen participants will be informed.