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PICS \\ Faith47: Recent Work (7.83 Hz Frequency)

In light of her latest solstice print release, Sanctuary, we look back on Faith47‘s murals from 2016 thus far. The latest body of work is titled ‘7.83 Hz Frequency’

via Faith47 (Portrait by Jared Aufrichtig)

At any given moment about 2,000 thunderstorms roll over Earth, producing some 50 flashes of lightning every second. Each lightning burst creates electromagnetic waves that begin to circle around Earth, captured between Earth’s surface and a boundary about 60 miles up. Some of the waves – if they have just the right wavelength – combine, increasing in strength, to create a repeating atmospheric heartbeat known as Schumann resonance.“ - NASA

Schumann resonances are inaudible atmospheric heartbeats; even at their highest intensity, they only reach an extremely low radio frequency of 7.83Hz. In Faith47’s new work, this resonance serves as a metaphor for our collective actions, which create an overall reverberation that we can call human nature. The series is unfolding as Faith47 creates moments of raw intimacy on walls, abandoned buildings, copper screen prints, canvases, lithographs, and multi-screen video installations, weaving in subtle references to the dates of ancient wars and schools of hypnotism.

“Relationships rise and fall; societies blossom and crumble,” says Faith47. “The profound connectedness between us creates and destroys life. We are sensitive and caring, yet at the same time vulnerable and cruel. The foundation of the 7.83Hz project is recognising this duality as well as the profound weight of our interconnectedness.”

7.83 Hz will ultimately culminate in a solo exhibition in Los Angeles in 2017.


1200-900 BC

Cape Town, South Africa

2500-2450 BC

Dunedin, New Zealand

1650 – 1600 BC

Dunedin, New Zealand

1430-1350 BC

Ostend, Belgium

(Photo by Henrik Haven)

722 - 481 BC

Manchester, UK (Collab with Thingking)

(Photo by Henrik Haven)

This large mural, situated in the heart of Manchester’s northern district pays homage to human intimacy as well asserting support for LGBT rights. The mural is brought to life at night with a geometric light installation exploring shadows as not merely the absence of light.

This artwork forms part of the Cities of Hope Mural Project in which the work of each artist is matched to a local grassroots organisation. Faith’s artwork serves as a potential catalyst for a dialogue between the Partisan collective in Manchester and the Triangle Project based in South Africa.

710-650 BC

Cleveland, Ohio, USA
(Photos by Brandon Shigeta)

710 - 650 BC





New York City, USA

Language as a Boundary’

Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Metaphorically depicting a scene that draws symbolic inspiration from the written work ‘Language as a Boundary” by Wole Soyinka.

Looking at language as a lived phenomenon, with its dualistic function of providing necessary self affirmation on an individualistic and cultural level. Yet simultaneously acting as one of the key factors in embedding the separatist definition in social consciousness. Thus further solidifying colonial boundaries and obstructing the humanist search for a common understanding.


Sea Walls, Napier, New Zealand (Collab with Pangeaseed)

Painted in an effort to raise awareness for shark conservation.

Faith47 is currently exhibiting a new series of graphite ink paintings as part of the Freedom as Form exhibition, alongside BR1, Alexis Diaz and Eron, in Milan, Italy. The show runs until June 29th -

NEWS \\ Grafikama Artist Residency and Exhibition

GRAFIKAMA (Service Peinture) is an artist residency currently taking place in Nantes, France and features South African street artists Nardstar*, r1. and Alphabet Zoo. The show forms part of a strew of exhibitions conceptualised by Pick Up Production and artist Kazy Usclef for the Voyage à Nantes cultural project. The residency aims to showcase “graphic creation around the world”…

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EVENT \\ Writing the City by David Lurie

Hazard Gallery in association with Sulger-Buel Lovell presents the Johannesburg edition of David Lurie’s solo exhibition, Writing The City.

I turn my attention to the…placards, banners, billboards, posters…which inform and direct us…All cities have been…full of public texts: all the signs of capital and commerce…indications of private property, and elements of systematic ordering and regulation…The public space of cities is constituted in important ways by these public texts…

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EVENT \\ Exhibition: Ebony & The Ivories

Grayscale Gallery is pleased to present EBONY AND THE IVORIES an exhibition of photographic prints by FALKO.
Grayscale Gallery is pleased to present EBONY AND THE IVORIES, an exhibition of photographic prints by FALKO ONE (Cape Town).

Falko is notably one of South Africa’s most well known and respected graffiti artists, with a career spanning almost three decades he has been highly influential on the growth of the local graffiti culture and inspired multiple generations of artists…

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Q&A \\ Interview with Damn Vandal

This vandal has evolved into one of the most sought after artists in South Africa’s graffiti community, and IS literally killing the streets with pure fire.

Damn Vandal, a Durban-based multi-disciplinary artist, has been painting for over twelve years and has infused his childhood love for comics with illustrative vector designs to create his own unique brand of graffiti art. Bright, bold, colourful and clean, his artworks have earned him many commissions with magazines, offices and brands, as well as the auto mobile customs industry where he has freely painted more than a couple luxury vehicles…

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Q&A \\ Interview with r1.

r1. is a fascinating street artist, and one of the most active in South Africa. We have been following his work with a close eye ever since he began to hit the streets locally around 2011/2012. From installations that he calls ‘Ínterventions’, to various ‘Projects’ featuring chevron signs, wooden pallets, compact discs or foil, his artistic skill-set knows no boundaries when it comes to media - he is quite the handy-man!

Recently, we asked him about his ideologies, art history, the local arena and his upcoming projects…

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The Langa Quarter Street Art Competition is back for 2016, re-branded as ULTRA, the event has been ongoing through this week with pieces nearing completion…

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